Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jr. High Tryout Results

Parents / Athletes - We are so sorry for the delay in posting these team results.  We have been waiting to hear back from a FRESHMEN league to see if we have received entrance for our 9th grade team.  This is a team we built following our high school tryouts.  This entrance determines how many teams we are able to have in the jr. high league.  They were supposed to get back to us today but we have still not heard back.  Please check the website after school tomorrow to find out about team status but plan on having practice tomorrow just in case.   This is the first season we have established an actual 9th grade team so it has created some organizational issues that we haven't dealt with before.  Please just be patient.  Thanks again for your support and we will talk to you soon.

First Practice(s) - Wednesday, August 31st & Thursday, September 1st - 6:00-8:00pm


Bingham Volleyball